How to reveal the key barriers towards on-line shopping?

The Challenge: A lingerie on-line shop, placed in Central Europe, recently had a successful launch in a Bulgaria neighboring country.

Our client wanted to explore the relevant local market potential for expansion by collecting insights on the online shopping habits of Bulgarian women, with a special focus on underwear.

The Approach: We designed and executed an on-line qualitative project :

A blogging forum – recruiting 20 women:
10 shopping lingerie online and
10 shopping online, but not lingerie.

We ensured their active participation throughout 6 days of discussion, with a different topic released by the moderator every day and encouraging all participants to express their opinions and point of view on-line.

The Outcome: The vivid on-line discussions, supported by the possibility to upload pictures, facilitated our researchers to reveal the key barriers towards on-line lingerie shopping.
The target group appeared much concerned about general issues related to on-line confidentiality and security, as well as to very particular ones, like:
the “fit” of the ordered items
the lack of the traditional “on-spot” purchase experience
the price and the speed of the service, etc.


Our recommendations helped our client to address and relief the existing barriers by implementing particular measures aimed at customers’ perceptions of quality and credibility, variety of choice and superiority of the delivery service.

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