What are the needs and perceptions of teenagers audience, what is the definition of “cool” and which are the relevant media channels for communication?

The Challenge: Our client planned to launch a conceptually new product, appropriate for a wide range of occasions, but still for a very specific and quite “difficult” target group: teenagers between 16 and 18 years old. The company had developed three advertising concepts and three different pack designs.
The question was whether – and to what extent – the current concepts and packages fit to the teenagers perceptions and associations and what are the possible means for their further improvements (if such appear necessary). The entire set of survey objectives covered also a detailed exploration and understanding of the needs and perceptions of this audience, their definition of “cool” and the related media consumption.

The Approach: We designed and executed a two stage qualitative survey, including:

A. Initial In-Depth Interviews, to define and explore in detail what constitutes the perceptions of “modern”, “trendy” and “cool” for the specific target, to evaluate the concepts and pack designs and to understand how they can be improved, if at all. We used this initial approach to eliminate the “show-off” effect, typical for this target and threatening the validity and reliability of the provided information and definitions;

B. Following Focus Group Discussions, to check the concepts after the final adjustments – in a more dynamic context – and to ensure that they fit the teenagers most relevant attributes, symbols and associations.

The Outcome: Our exploration rejected one of the three tested concepts on a very early stage of the survey.

Тhe further exploration revealed a parity between the two remaining concepts.
Yet, one of them still accumulated certain negative perceptions and associations, while the other stood out with its message and was recommended as the more relevant platform.


Taking advantage of the typical group discussions dynamics, our moderators managed to provide further insights and ideas for fine-tuning of the communication to support the successful launch of our client’s new product.


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